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1.1.- Who is responsible for the processing of your data?

 Identity: GUINAZ ELECTRÓNICA, S.L. (Hereinafter, Responsible Party).

Postal address: Pol. Ind. “El Escopar”, P. 2, 31350 Peralta – Navarra (Spain).

Telephone No.: 948 713 182.



2.1.- What will the Responsible Party use my data for?

The data you provide may be used by the Responsible Party for one or more of the purposes indicated below, which will be determined by factors such as your relationship with us (i.e. Customers) or by the means used for giving the data (i.e. contact form). Below, the processing actions referred to in this privacy policy are outlined, without prejudice to the possibility that there may exist other processing actions for which the appropriate authorisation will be requested:

Provision of services and maintenance of the business relationship.

  • To send business communications relating to the activities and services that we offer. If you give us your consent, you will be sent business communications related to the services you have contracted, and which fall within the reasonable expectation in relation to the services previously contracted. This processing of your data will be stopped if you object to it.

Requests for information.

  • When you contact us, for example, using the contact form on the website, by telephone, fax, messaging services, social networks, telephone or even in person, to request information or a consultation about something, to make a suggestion, complaint or claim, we process your data with aim of responding to the request for information and/or consultation that we have received, with the management and to the extent required. This may include the use of data received for preparing proposals for services and/or collaboration, if this is the request that has been made.


  • If you request to sign up to our newsletter service and/or to receive information periodically via, for example, the contact form on our website or by requesting it by email, we will process your data to manage and send the newsletter, as well as business communications related to our activities, services and products, including by electronic means. At any time, you can withdraw consent and end this data processing.


  • If, when entering the website, you accepted to receive cookies, the cookies policy on the website will apply to you. We recommend that you consult this policy, in which you read about, among other issues, the cookies used, the purpose of these and the configuration options that you can apply on your devices used to view the page, for example how to delete them.

2.2.- How long will they keep my data for?

The conservation periods of the data you provide to us are closely linked to the processing activity in question.

  • In this regard, generally speaking we process the data during the course of the legal relationship or until you object to the processing.
  • One the period previously indicated has passed, we will keep your data stored firstly while we are obligated to by the law, and secondly, until the complete limitation of actions that may occur have occurred. These periods may be conditioned by, among other factors, the law applicable to the relationship between the parties.

In this case, to calculate the period of conservation it will be necessary to use, as a starting point, the period indicated in section 2.2.2 concerning the particular processing activity and add the period that could affect you in terms of limitation of laws and limitation of actions.

2.2.1- Periods relating to the processing:

-Processing relating to Requests for information. We will process your data during the time required to respond and manage your request for information and an additional period of 90 days.

-Processing relating to the newsletter: While you are a customer and you haven’t objected to the processing or in the case that you have explicitly requested to receive the newsletter, while you are happy to continue receiving it and you have not objected to it.

Cookies: according to the type of cookies, expressed in the corresponding policy.

2.2.2.- Periods imposed by the law and limitation of actions:

Civil Code (article 1964): 5 years.

-Law 28 of Law 1/1973 from 1st March, 3 or 10 years in general. In addition, the relationship between the parties may be subject to application of Law 39 of Law 1/1973 of 1st March, and the period indicated therein of 30 years.

Code of Commerce: 6 years for obligatory conservation of documentation imposed by article 30.


3.1.- Why can the Responsible Party process my data? How is it justified?

Depending on the relationship initiated and, therefore the purpose of the data processing, the legal basis for this may be different. Below the different situations that may occur, and the legal bases applied depending on the purpose of the processing is described:


  • To send business communications: In response to the regulations currently in force and having weighed out our interests and your rights, we inform you that we hold a legitimate interest in processing your data for the purpose of sending you business communications related to the services contracted by you with us (without prejudice to the fact that you may object to this processing at any time)


  • To respond to requests for information: This data processing is legitimised through the consent given by you at the time of sending the request for information and/or assistance.


  • Newsletters and business communications: We will only send you business communications if you have previously given explicit consent to receive them. The lack of consent for the processing of your data for the purpose of sending you business communications will not affect in any way the processing of your consultation, assistance or request.


  • We are justified in this data processing as a result of the consent given by you when you start navigation on our website.

3.2.-Consequences of withdrawing consent or opposing the processing of your data. Required and optional fields.

If your authorisation is requested at any moment for data processing which requires consent, your decision to not give consent (or its later withdrawal) will not have consequences for you in any case. Your opposition to the processing of your data for purposes based on legitimate interest (for example, the use of your data as a customer to send business communications) will also have no type of consequences.

In some data collection forms, you will be able to see clearly that some fields are marked as required (with an asterisk) while the rest are completely optional. That being so, not filling in the optional fields will not have any consequences, as you can fill them in if you are interested in doing so.


4.1.- Will you share my data with third parties?

In general, and except in cases of legal obligation, your data will not be disclosed to any third party without your explicit affirmative consent.

4.1.- Suppliers of services related to the website and the email service.

Hosting: the website of the Responsible Party is hosted by the supplied 1&1 INTERNET ESPAÑA SL, TAX ID (CIF): B85049435, Calle Narciso Serra,14 28007 – (Madrid) – Madrid in the Register of Companies of Madrid.


5.1.- What rights do I have in terms of data protection? General information.

With regard to personal data collected for processing, you are able to exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure or portability. Furthermore, we inform you that in certain circumstances you will have the right to limit or oppose the processing of your data in which case the Responsible Party will cease the processing and will only continue in cases where there is a legal obligation to do so or until the limitation of actions that may occur has passed.

If you want more information about the rights mentioned, we invite you to keep reading or to consult the infographic produced by the Spanish Data Protection Agency accessible through this following hyper link.

5.2.- What are these rights?

 Right of access: This right allows the person concerned to obtain confirmation from the Responsible Party about whether or not they are processing their personal data and, if so, the right to access the personal data as well as the following additional information: a) purpose of the processing; b) the categories of personal data concerned; c) the recipients or categories of recipients; (d) the planned period for conservation or, the criteria used to determine this period; e) the existence of the right to request that the Responsible Party rectify or erase the personal data or to limit the processing of the personal data of the person concerned, or to oppose this processing; f) the right to file a complaint to a monitoring authority; g) available information about the origin of the data; h) the existence of automated decisions.

Right of rectification: This right entitles the person concerned to request that the Responsible Party to rectify or complete any inaccurate personal data without delay. It is important that the data contained in the databases are up to date and therefore we are at your disposal to rectify any errors or inaccuracies which may be contained therein.

Right of erasure: At any time, you have the right to ask us to delete your personal data and this request will be addressed without delay unless any of the circumstances established in the General Data Protection Regulations occur, including, in particular, our obligation to conserve your data to comply with a legal obligation or to be able to defend ourselves against a complaint.

Right of data portability: If the processing of automated data based on consent, you can request that we issue your personal data that you provided to another data controller, in structured, common use and electronic manner.

Right of opposition: In exercising this right, the person concerned is opposed to the processing of their data by the Responsible Party. This right is not absolute, in the sense that the Responsible Party may continue to process the data provided that they can prove legitimate reasons to prevail over the interests and rights of the person concerned or for the formulation, exercise and defence against complaints.

Right to limit the data processing: This right applies under certain circumstances described below, the right to request that the Responsible Party limits the processing of your personal data. If you exercise this right, the Responsible Party may only process the data with the consent of the person concerned. The circumstances under which this right may be exercised are the following:

  1. i) the person concerned disputes the accuracy of the personal data, during a period of time which allows the Responsible Party to verify the accuracy of this data;
  1. ii) the processing carried out by the Responsible Party is unlawful and the person concerned opposes the deletion of the personal data and requests instead the limitation of its use;

iii) the Responsible Party no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of the processing, but the person concerned needs them to form, carry out or defend complaints;

  1. iv) the person concerned has opposed the processing of their data, while it is verified if the legitimate motives of the Responsible Party take precedence over those of the person concerned.

5.3.- How and where can I exercise my rights?

We will gladly respond to any queries or complaints about data protection. Furthermore, you can direct your complaint or exercise your rights through any of the means of contact indicated in the heading of this Data Protection Policy.

You can also contact the monitoring authority that you consider appropriate to file your complaint (for example, in the country where your habitual residence or place of work is located, or in the country where you consider the alleged infringement has occurred). Therefore, we inform you that in Spain the Monitoring Authority is the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and you can exercise yours rights using the forms which this entity has for this purpose and which are available on their website

5.4.- How long could it take to process my request to exercise my rights?

The reference period is one month from the date of receiving your request. However, this period may be extended for a further two months if necessary, considering the complexity and the number of requests. The Responsible Party will inform the person concerned of any extension in the period of one month from receiving the request, indicating the reasons for the delay.

5.5.- Will exercising my rights cost me anything?

Exercising your rights will not cost you anything, except in cases where demonstrably excessive or unfounded requests are made, especially if repetitive, the Responsible Party may charge a fee to compensate for the administrative costs of responding to the request or refuse to act (the fee cannot involve an additional income for the Responsible Party, but it must effectively correspond with the true cost of processing the request).

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