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44.77 €

Auxiliary digital alpha telephone for hands-free video door entry systems, with auxiliary and door opener pushbutton. Includes chocks and screws for wall mounting.

44.77 €

Digital alpha telephone with auxiliary pushbutton and door opener. Includes chocks and screws for wall mounting.

78.65 €

Programming Kit for digital groups with display (G3235, G3245 and GEJD100V2/A) Contains a CD to install the program in a computer and a connection bridle wire for system-PC

82.28 €

Digital adaptor that repeats the call signal of the selected dwelling in a remote point. Connection: 3 wires.

72.60 €

Adaptor that is able to interact the digital system with external elements such as: pushbuttons, movement sensors, all type of detectors, sirens, light signals, among many other possibilities. All of this can be performed without adding a single cabl

87.12 €

The push button interface module R3650 is used in GUINAZ Digital System facilities. Its function is to connect push buttons when there is no Street Entry Panel installed of GUINAZ product catalog.

375.10 €

L'Interface téléphonique digitale est un dispositifpourusagedans les systèmes DIGITAUX d'interphone/interphonevidéo de GUINAZ. Ce dispositifintègre les fonctions de TÉLÉPHONIE avec les habituellesd'interphoneélectronique, de façon à ce qu'ilfasse pos

102.85 €

Digital adaptor that converts the signals from GUINAZ digital system into a standard analog system. ADVANTAGES: * It allows to connect a digital door phone or video door phone to an analog audio installation ( EGI, EIS, INELI, DOYSON, AKP, etc)

48.40 €

Analogue adaptor that regenerates or modifies the call signal, useful for analogue installations with more than one telephone/monitor per dwelling.

48.40 €

Analogue adaptor which has a relay with a contact normally open and the other one closed, that can be energized with the different existing signals in the analogue system from GUINAZ.

26.62 €

Analogue adaptor that receives the call signal from the video door entry system. It allows to listen the call sound in the point where the adaptor is installed. 2 wire connection.

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